Caleb Johnson puts his all in to smash the ball towards the boundary.
Caleb Johnson puts his all in to smash the ball towards the boundary. Brian Cassidy

Junior crickets results as last unbeaten team loses

CRICKET: The only unbeaten side in juniors suffered their first loss last Saturday in Bundaberg cricket.

Past Highs/Isis lost to the Hervey Bay Brumbies in under-14 to record its first defeat of the year.

But they remained on top on the ladder despite Norths winning and now having the same record as them.

It was another significant week for our juniors with some good results for teams and individuals.

The results are below.


Rum City Foods Under-12A

The Waves v Brothers Escapes

The Waves

T Collins27

R Korner32

J Munro8

N Jacobsen0

P Dow0

T Coates10

L Henry2

L Trebbin18

J Sydes9


Bowling: Marsman 5-0-29-1, Lamond 4-1-8-0, Wilson 4-0-30-1, Griffiths 3-0-18-0, Mathiesen 4-0-25-0, Stone 2-0-4-1, Themsen 4-1-11-0, Pole 4-0-16-2

Brothers Escapes

T Lamond62

K Pole1

L Marsman2

A Mathiesen0

W Themsen23

Z Stone9

S Wilson0

L Griffiths3


Bowling: Henry 4-0-20-1, Munro 4-0-16-5, Trebbin 2-0-13-0, Dow 3.3-0-39-1, Jacobsen 2-0-13-0, Sydes 2-0-11-0, Korner 2-0-7-0, Collins 2-0-4-0, Coates 2-0-2-0

Norths v Brothers Mustangs

E Hamel11

B Bennett2

J Gear35

L Eade17

R Pimm5

A Poulter10

J Gaston3

J Mather6

F Jenner11


Bowling: Kirchner 3-0-19-0, Millett 4-0-15-3, McKenzie 3-0-16-0, Wilson 4-0-27-0, Collin 4-0-9-0, Tuzes 4-0-16-0, Hirst 4-0-9-2, Millett 4-1-29-0

Brothers Mustangs

S Millett1

H Hirst0

R Collin9

B Wilson17

R McKenzie1

L Kirchner8

R Tuzes0

S Millett0


Bowling: Gear 2-1-4-1, Gaston 1.2-0-2-1, Poulter 1-0-8-0, Eade 1-0-13-0, Pimm 1-0-5-0, Hamel 1-0-8-1, Jenner 1-0-1-0, Bennett 1-0-2-1

Isis v YMCA


C White28

J Hill4

R Santacaterina0

J Cocking21

J Sim45

F Hill1

A White0

S Wilkin0


Bowling: Pollitt 4-1-15-2, Perry 4-1-12-1, Kelly 4-0-23-0, Faint 3-2-1-1, Maher 2-0-17-1, Hill 3-0-15-1, Baker 2-0-23-0, Felstead 2-0-13-0


L Faint51

J Kelly41

T Baker3

R Felstead24

C Pollitt23

T Maher8

M Perry0

C Hill11


Bowling: White 3-0-19-0, Hill 4-0-41-0, Wilkin 3-0-28-0, Sim 4-0-7-0, Cocking 3-0-22-0, Hill 4-0-31-0, White 4-0-32-2, Santacaterina 4-0-32-2

Rum City Foods Under-12B

Norths Maroons v The Waves Gold

The Waves Gold

L Hamilton27

P Gardner27


Bowling: Donnison 1/10, Jacob 1/19

Norths Maroon

B Donnison34

C Manski26


Bowling: A Stuchbery 3/10, L Hamilton 3/18

YMCA/The Waves Blue v Norths White

YMCA/The Waves Blue

K Heath8

S Juster13

J Young33

L Hensel11

N Hensel27

T Dorgan13


Bowling: Hill 4-0-8-0, Walker 2-0-26-0, Fletcher 2-0-9-0, Te Pairi 3-0-25-0, Klowss 3-0-15-2, Clark 3-0-18-1

Norths White

J Clark9

H Klowss20

R Cheshire2

W Te Pairi9

W Fletcher6

M Walker12

G Hill16


Bowling:Dorgan 3-0-11-2, Hensel 2-0-8-0, Juster 3-0-10-0, Heath 3-0-7-0, Young 2/24

Rum City Foods Under-14

Hervey Bay Brumbies v Past Highs/Isis

Hervey Bay Brumbies

C Pashley72

C Baker51


Bowling: Santacaterina 3-1-18-1, J Rehbein 3-0-17-0, C Rehbein 3-0-37-0, McMahon 1-0-15-0, Johnson 3-0-28-0, Sim 4-0-25-0, Hetherington 3-0-13-0, De Martin 3-0-18-1, Freeman 3-0-5-1, Baldwin 2-0-8-1, Baldry 3-0-13-0

Past Highs/Isis

C Rehbein31

H Baldry22

J McMahon28

J Rehbein45

C Johnson8


Bowling: Bortolanza 6-2-17-1

Maryborough v Norths


No batting details provided


Bowling: Felstead 3-0-10-0, Parker 3-1-5-1, Coleman 3-0-8-1, Klowss 3-0-13-0, Richters 4-0-15-0, Canino 4-0-25-1, Wondrock 3-0-14-2, Wilson 2-0-6-0, Cheshire 2-0-5-0, Hansen 2-0-13-1, Gunning 1-0-9-0


N Gunning1

N Klowss0

A Wondrock5

P Hansen5

Z Richters1

R Coleman74

R Cheshire0

K Wilson0

D Felstead4

B Canino1

M Parker25


No bowling details

Bundaberg Bolts v Brothers Everests

Bundaberg Bolts

R Rowlands3

T Staines1

R Richardson2

J Brunjes2

T Stumer40

T Fitzgerald0

B Staines5

M Drewett5

N Milliken0

T Armstrong0


Bowling: Szegfu 2-0-6-1, Schneider 2-0-6-1, Rea 2-0-18-0, Boge 2-0-6-0, Mathiesen 2-0-5-2, Thomas 3-0-15-1, Marshman 1.5-0-20-0, Clarke 2-0-4-1, Bayley 2-0-5-0, Collin 1-0-2-2

Brothers Everests

K Bayley6

O Mathiesen0

A Rehbein4

B Marshman2

O Boge29

O Schneider1

N Clarke42

H Szegfu11

R Thomas15


Bowling: Fitzgerald 3-1-10-1, Rowlands 3.5-0-13-1, T Staines 3.5-0-21-2, B Staines 2-0-8-1, Brunjes 2.2-0-22-0, Armstrong 2.3-0-21-0, Milliken 1.3-0-12-0, Richardson 3-0-28-0, Stumer 2-0-7-0, Drewett 2-0-14-0

Hervey Bay Colts v YMCA

Hervey Bay Colts

F Ignatenko24

B McGrath11


Bowling: van Rooyen 4-0-17-2, Faint 4-0-9-0, Dempsey 3-0-5-0, Cavanagh 2-0-3-0, Singh 6-0-24-2, Lions 3-0-11-1, Heycox 4-0-17-3, Hossain 3-0-11-1, Muller 1-0-6-1


D Cavanagh19

J Faint0

D van Rooyen28

K Singh1

R Dempsey41

S Hossain5

L Heycox14


Bowling: Lethborg 6-3-6-2, McGrath 1-0-5-1

Rum City Foods Under-16

Hervey Bay Colts v YMCA

Hervey Bay Colts

J Geldard40

I Kelsey94


Bowling: Pollitt 6-0-24-1, Grigg 4-1-5-0, Flor 3-0-9-0, Cavanagh 3-0-20-0, Faint 1-0-3-0, Lovett 3-0-17-1, Heycox 6-0-56-1, Cavanagh 3-0-31-0, Gray 1-0-15-0


J Gray0

B Flor18

Z Faint2

K Pollitt103

S Cavanagh14

D Heycox3

T Price39

N Cavanagh0

J Lovett0

Total:7/193 (cc)

Bowling: Kelsey 6-0-26-2, Thompson 5-0-23-2

The Waves v Hervey Bay Brumbies

The Waves

No batting details


Hervey Bay Brumbies

H Kington40

A Du Plooy29


Maryborough v Brothers Rangers


H Jones58

R Wilcox92


Bowling: Jackson 6-1-24-3, Johnson 6-0-50-1, Freeman 4-0-26-0, Pole 4-0-19-0, Hancock 1-0-6-0, Ryan 5-0-29-1, Frohloff 3-0-26-0, Kirchner 1-0-6-2

Brothers Rangers

E Ryan46

T Cox2

M Jackson48

J Kirchner49

E Rach5

C Hancock1

J Pole38

A Rahman13


Bowling: McKay 6-2-13-2, Jones 7-1-55-3

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