TRICKING Bundaberg hopes their new action sport will take off in the area much like it has done around the world.

The sport, which is a form of martial arts, sees people attempt flips, kicks, and spins after a jump on different surfaces.

The aim is to perform a trick to the crowd, and others around them, with their movement in the air.

Starting in the 1960s, the sport has become mainstream over the last decade, as the internet has given it a platform for people to show off their skills.

Now Bundaberg has a club at Gymfinity which allows people to be involved in the new sport.

Founder, and runner of the club, David Warner, says the aim of tricking is expressing yourself.

"Everyone has their own personal goals for tricking," he said.

"A lot of people do it for fun and the aim is to show your personality through flips and kicks."

There is also a competitive element to the sport, with a world championship held in 2012, and plenty of competitions in America where the sport is booming.

Trickers are judged on how smoothly they land their jumps and flips, and also on how they wow the audience.

Warner hopes he can create tricking competitions around the area and Australia.

"We're trying to get other gyms involved around the area. The aim is to get tricking in other towns like Gin Gin and Childers," Warner said.

"Hopefully this can create local competitions and we can compete as a club.

"Currently, from my knowledge, there is no competition in Australia."

With jumping, and flips, there is also an element of danger to this sport.

In a video posted on Tricking Bundaberg's Facebook page, a gym ball burst as one of the members of the club jumped on it to start a trick on the beach.

So far though, no serious injuries have happened at Gymfinity.

"We're all pretty smart at the club and no one has got hurt yet thankfully," Warner said.

"Tricking caters to all ages and talent groups.

"We make sure people are trained first before they attempt tricks that are dangerous."

Trickers are graded with a band system similar to those used in martial arts.

Trickers need to move from a white band to a black band before being allowed to do certain tricks.

The sport isn't just restricted to the gym either.

Tricking athletes can train on grass, sand, and even concrete.

They can also incorpoarate elements of the sport into parkour, which involves using your hands and feet to get from one place to another without equipment around cities of the world.

For those interested, Warner said it was easy to join the club and get involved.

"Easiest way is through our Facebook page at Tricking Bundaberg," Warner said.

"You can also head to Gymfinity, see it live, and join up there as well," he said.

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