Josiah Sisson: Dad’s emotional meeting with accused driver

THE father of a boy, 9, who was killed by an out-of-control car while looking at Christmas lights has had an emotional meeting with the accused driver.

Josiah Sisson died on Tuesday in the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital after he was struck at the intersection of Jardine St and Rholanda Cres at Springwood, south of Brisbane, while looking at Christmas lights with family friends on Christmas night.

Josiah's heartbroken family later said they were willing to forgive Adrian Murray, 24, who is accused of killing their son.

Today, photos emerged from a church service attended by both Murray and Josiah's parents where they embraced.

Karl Sisson embraces Adrian Murray this week.
Karl Sisson embraces Adrian Murray this week. Twitter

Pastor of Potter's House Christian Church, Peter Field said that the photos were taken at a "regular midweek worship service at the church" - not a memorial service, that had been previously reported.

"What happened was at the end of the service was that the driver (Mr Murray) along with his friends and some family turned around and saw the father of Josiah," he said.

"He collapsed into Karl's arms and he (Josiah's father) was brave enough and manly enough to catch him and treat him courteously.

"As you could imagine, it was a very emotional time for everyone there."

Yesterday, Murray was charged with dangerous driving causing death while adversely affected by an intoxicating substance, as well as high-range drink-driving.

He has been issued with a notice to appear in court at a later date.