REPCO STORE: A plasma cutter was stolen.
REPCO STORE: A plasma cutter was stolen.

Jail after $680 tool theft, $39 fuel drive-off

TODD Mahon is behind bars after he walked into an auto parts store then walked out carrying a new plasma cutter in its box.

Except Mahon did not pay the $680 price tag.

And on the same day he also didn't pay $39.60 for fuel - instead driving off with two co-offenders.

Mahon was subject to parole at the time.

Todd William Mahon, 25, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to stealing the tool from Repco on Monday, June 26; and unlawful dealing with shop goods - taking fuel from a service station at Bundaberg West.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said the thefts happened a few weeks after Mahon was sentenced to six months jail and immediately released to parole for prior offences.

He said Mahon walked into the store at 1.10pm before witnesses saw three people leave the store hurriedly carrying a cardboard box and get into a silver Rav 4.

Snr Cnst Blunt said police were given the Rav's registration number and witness alerted store staff who discovered a $680 plasma cutter was missing from a display stand.

Police alerted second hand stores and were told by one businessman that a man tried to sell such a tool but staff turned him away.

He said police inquiries linked Tiffany Gillen to the Rav 4 which was intercepted in Maryborough after being involved in the earlier fuel drive off. Officers found the plasma cutter still in its box inside the Rav 4.

Gillen was charged only with unauthorised dealing with shop goods, fuel.

Mahon gave a false name to officers, saying he was from Tasmania but then admitted stealing it because he had been desperate for money.

Snr Cnst Blunt said all three people in the Rav 4 said it was a joint decision to put fuel in then drive off without paying.

Magistrate, Belinda Merrin told Mahon she would not fine him as the offences were too serious in light of his serious criminal history.

When Mahon said he had already served another two months in jail, Ms Merrin reminded him it was his own doing as he breached his parole.

"I know,” he said.

Mahon's official parole discharge charge date is set for Valentine's Day on February 14, 2018.

Ms Merrin sentenced him to six months jail for the stealing- to be served concurrent with the sentence he is now doing. She ordered that Mahon would be eligible to apply for parole from September 1.

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