WEATHER: Possible hailstorms have been predicted for the Wide Bay region.
WEATHER: Possible hailstorms have been predicted for the Wide Bay region. UQ Hail

'IT COULD LOOK LIKE SNOW': Possible hailstorms for Bundy

AN ELEVATED risk for hailstorms has been predicted for South East Queensland, with the possibility of hail falling in the Wide Bay.

The weather alert has come from Higgins Storm Chasing, who posted the news to Facebook yesterday.

The post outlined the hailstorm threat for north east NSW and south east Queensland today with "reasonable energy levels in the atmosphere - especially over the Wide Bay and Northern Rivers regions”.

"This energy will allow thunderstorms to develop a little better with the updrafts reaching elevated heights,” Higgins Storm Chasing said.

"What that means is that storms are likely to tap into the much colder air much easier.

"Models are also indicating that storms are going to be very slow moving towards the north to north east.

"This set-up means that any storms that do develop are likely to contain hail, and given the slow movement we could easily see noticeable hail accumulations directly under storms where it could hail for 15 or 20 minutes and cover the entire ground making it look like snow.”

The post said there was a chance of some severe cells, which could lead to localised areas of large hail throughout Queensland.

"Heavy bursts of rain are another threat, but the noted threat for the day is definitely hail,” Higgins Storm Chasing said.

The areas first predicted the most at risk for hail was the South East Coast and the majority of the Wide Bay, but that has now been updated.

Higgins Storm Chasing forecasters now say that while there is a threat for the Wide Bay, the "lack of moisture caused by a tongue of dry air intruding is expected to hinder potential”.

The NewsMail spoke to the Bureau of Meteorology about the hailstorm forecast by Higgins and a BoM spokesman said the predictions "can't be discounted”.

"We have an upper level trough in the Wide Bay area today which means there will be a slight chance of a shower and storm,” meteorologist Chris Joseph said.

"All storms have the potential for hail so there may be some small hailstones but at this time of year we don't tend to see it so much.

"It can't be discounted though and until we get the actual information of those types of storms forming, we don't like to assume.”

Mr Joseph said possible storms were likely to hit the region this afternoon.

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