Isis Little Athletics results

Isis District Little Athletics results from Friday, October 14:
Tiny Tots: Alice Bak, Alesha DeMartin, Abbey Felgate, Danita Horner, Molly Richards, Riley DeMartin, Reuben McBride.
Under-6: 70m - Tyler DeMartin 16.3, Joel Felgate 15.4, Joseph McBride 16.9 (pb), Ash Wallace 15.0 (pb); 200m Unlaned - T. DeMartin 56.3, J. Felgate 58.4, J. McBride 1.03.7 (pb), A. Wallace 52.3; Shot Put - T. DeMartin 4.19m (pb), J. Felgate 3.75m (pb), J. McBride 3.16m, A. Wallace 4.52m (pb); Discus - T. DeMartin 9.31m, J. Felgate 4.00m, J. McBride 8.35m (pb), A. Wallace 10.83m (pb).
Under-7: 70m - Bridie Bell 15.3, Amara Burns 16.0 (pb), Rachel Paten 14.9 (pb), Jordyn Pershouse 15.5, Bridget Woodman 14.7 (pb), Kees Paten 17.6, Brodie Scotney 15.6; 200m - B. Bell 48.6, A. Burns 51.2 (pb), R. Paten 48.4 (pb), J. Pershouse 52.1 (pb), B. Woodman 47.0, K. Paten 1.02.1, B. Scotney 58.3; Discus - B. Bell 4.18m, A. Burns 8.12m (pb), R. Paten 6.30m (pb), J. Pershouse 6.09m, B. Woodman 5.44m, K. Paten 5.97m, B. Scotney 6.29m (pb); Shot Put - B. Bell 2.50m (pb), A. Burns 3.46m, R. Paten 3.15m (pb), J. Pershouse 2.80m, B. Woodman 2.85m, K. Paten 2.49m, B. Scotney 3.53m.
Under-8: 60m Hurdles - Niamh Bettridge 18.8 (pb), Lou Eborall 16.2, Bryden Blair 14.5, Rhys Felgate 15.6, Ethan Randall 14.9 (pb); 200m - N. Bettridge 51.9 (pb), L. Eborall 45.1 (pb), Mollie Wallace 45.1 (pb), B. Blair 41.0 (pb), R. Felgate 1.07.4, E. Randall 44.0; Vortex - N. Bettridge 4.40m, L. Eborall 10.50m (pb), M. Wallace 8.30m, B. Blair 20.80m, R. Felgate 20.10m, E. Randall 12.00m (pb); Long Jump - N. Bettridge 1.85m, L. Eborall 2.17m (pb), M. Wallace 2.06m, B. Blair 2.51m, R. Felgate 2.55m, E. Randall 2.43m.
Under-9: 60m Hurdles - Rana Blair 13.4 (pb), Kaitlin Daysh 14.5 (pb), Cooper Burns 14.1, Austin Crossland 12.7 (pb), Samuel Woodman 13.8, Samuel Nixon 13.9; 200m - R. Blair 41.5 (pb), K. Daysh 49.6, C. Burns 41.4 (pb), A. Crossland 35.5 (pb), S. Woodman 37.9, S. Nixon 41.4; High Jump - R. Blair 83cm, K. Daysh 83cm, C. Burns 87cm (pb), A. Crossland 83cm (pb), S. Woodman 87cm (pb), S. Nixon 87cm; Discus - R. Blair 9.39m (pb), K. Daysh 7.18m, C. Burns 10.81m (pb), A. Crossland 16.28m (pb), S. Woodman 10.85m (pb), S. Nixon 9.61m.
Under-10: 60m Hurdles - Meleaka Baldwin 25.5, Maya Farimbella 14.9, Kyle Everett 14.7, Lachlan George 16.9, Lachlan Gorringe 13.2, Callum Nugent 14.1, Nick Prichard 14.2; 200m - M. Baldwin 48.0 (pb), M. Farimbella 41.6, K. Everett 35.9 (pb), L. Gorringe 35.2, C. Nugent 39.2, N. Prichard 39.8; High Jump - M. Baldwin 75cm, M. Farimbella 95cm, K. Everett 95cm, L. George 95cm, L. Gorringe 110cm, C. Nugent 100cm, N. Prichard 95cm; Turbo Javelin - M. Baldwin 6.04m (pb), M. Farimbella 11.42m (pb), K. Everett 9.94m, L. George 13.37m, L. Gorringe 13.40m, C. Nugent 8.96m, N. Prichard 12.23m (pb).
Under-11: 60m Hurdles - Caitlin Cook 13.7 (pb), Georgia Francis 17.7, Jenny Freshwater 14.9, Ruby Nowlan-Adolf 13.7, Jessica Paten 15.7 (pb), Isaac Paul 14.4; 1500m - C. Cook 8.40.0 (pb), G. Francis 12.39.9, R. Nowlan-Adolf 7.38.6, J. Paten 8.51.8 (pb), I. Paul 7.47.3; 200m - C. Cook 38.6 (pb), G. Francis 1.00.8, J. Freshwater 39.5, R. Nowlan-Adolf 35.1, J. Paten 43.2 (pb), I. Paul 36.2 (pb); Long Jump - C. Cook 3.03m, G. Francis 2.25m, J. Freshwater 3.10m, R. Nowlan-Adolf 3.54m, J. Paten 2.77m (pb); Discus - C. Cook 12.56m (pb), G. Francis 7.23m, J. Freshwater 11.01m (pb), R. Nowlan-Adolf 16.10m (pb), J. Paten 6.85m.
Under-12: 60m Hurdles - Siobhan Bettridge 15.4, Jared Everett 12.0 (pb), John Veitch 15.9; Triple Jump - S. Bettridge 5.13m, J. Everett 7.88m (pb), J. Veitch 5.90; Shot Put - S. Bettridge 3.23m, J. Everett 6.82m, J. Veitch 4.36m (pb).
Under-13: 100m - Simone Manski 14.4, Alisha Nugent 15.4 (pb), William Francis 15.1, Kade George 17.3 (pb), Johan Kingi 17.5, Kadin Paul 17.1; 1500m - S. Manski 6.54.3, A. Nugent 7.13.5, W. Francis 7.05.0, K. George 8.04.2, J. Kingi 8.58.1, K. Paul 7.12.5; Javelin - S. Manski 10.84m, A. Nugent 8.65m, W. Francis 8.97m, K. George 8.78m, J. Kingi 22.18m, K. Paul 8.30m; Triple Jump - S. Manski 7.63m (pb), A. Nugent 7.05m, W. Francis 5.93m, J. Kingi 7.49m, K. Paul 5.85m; Discus - S. Manski 11.25m, A. Nugent 13.64m, W. Francis 9.73m, K. George 11.26m (pb), J. Kingi 16.05m, K. Paul 1.48m.
Under-14: 100m - Phoebe Arbon 13.8 (pb), Kandace LaRocca 14.9, Tori Pershouse 15.3 (pb); 1500m - K. LaRocca 8.06.2, T. Pershouse 7.12.0 (pb); High Jump - P. Arbon 125cm, K. LaRocca 120cm, T. Pershouse 115cm; Long Jump - P. Arbon 4.96m (pb, record), K. LaRocca 3.86m (pb), T. Pershouse 3.37m; Shot Put - P. Arbon 7.66m, K. LaRocca 5.37m, T. Pershouse 5.89m.
Under-15: 100m - Megan Menchin 17.4 (pb), Lydia Rieck 23.7 (pb), Justin Lewis 14.9 (pb); 1500m - M. Menchin 8.36.2, J. Lewis 6.33.4; 1100m - L. Rieck 9.51.8; High Jump - M. Menchin 115cm, J. Lewis 120cm; Long Jump - M. Menchin 3.37m, L. Rieck 1.73m, J. Lewis 4.08m; Shot Put - M. Menchin 6.09m, L. Rieck 3.83m, J. Lewis 10.29m.
Under-17: 100m - Katy Cole 13.3; High Jump - K. Cole 130cm; Shot Put - K. Cole 7.39m.

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