The Isis Dirt Bike Club is looking for helping hands.
The Isis Dirt Bike Club is looking for helping hands. Contributed

Isis Dirt Bike Club has plenty of work to do

THE Isis Dirt Bike Club is excited and looking forward to having a safe place to ride.

Club president Damien Tarda was thrilled when the club was granted land, posting it on social media.

"We have finally got the land for the bike club at aerodrome, " Tarda said.

"The land and tracks need a lot of work to be done before we can use them."

The 50 acres on Aerodrome Rd was previously used as a dirt bike track in the 1980s.

Since then the land has become overgrown and the tracks are in desperate need of repairs.

Bundaberg Regional Council has been supporting the club, its members and working with the community to get the tracks back into operation.

"I would really like community support and help to get the dirt bike tracks open and safe," Tarda said.

"I want Childers to be as excited as I am when it comes to rebuilding the land.

"The club are asking for assistance to help clear and rebuild the kids' flat track, the scrub track and the endurance track for the riders."

Tarda and the members are looking to the Childers community for volunteers and equipment for the rebuild.

"The club will be arranging working bees to start clearing, as there is a lot of work that needs to be done," he said.

"We need heavy machinery and skilled trades to help clear the land.

"Our community will like what we have planned for the site and we hope others will join our passion for dirt bikes

"We are also encouraging families to join up as members and to support our club.

"Our goal is to get the track in action.

"It will take time and we hope with the support of the community we will be in action sooner rather than later."

To donate your time and equipment email Tarda at

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