BUNDABERG restaurant owner James Lee says he researched burgers all over the world to come up with what he thinks is a dinosaur among its kind.

"I think it might be the biggest burger in the world," he says of the boom burger, the largest of eight on the menu at At James's Place.

"At the moment, we have eight kinds of burgers with another two coming."


Mr Lee said the boom burger was a massive feast including several kinds of meat, salad and house made sauces.

"We have two 180g pure beef patties and fried chicken breast and pineapple, lettuce, tomato, salad onion, tasty cheese, rocket, grilled bacon, free range eggs, homemade tomato relish, homemade garlic mayo and homemade Jack Daniel's sauce," he said.

"It's a combination of all the sauces and everything."

The boom burger is a massive feast.
The boom burger is a massive feast. Mike Knott

Mr Lee said despite the burger's epic proportions, there were plenty of champions who had managed to chomp their way through it.

"Once people try it, nearly most of them finish it off by themselves," he said.

"The taste and freshness is guaranteed."

Mr Lee said the freshness of the locally owned cafe's burgers was what set them apart from big chains.

"We are not a franchise," he said.

"We are making everything fresh - there are no pre-cooked patties - as soon as we get the order we cook it straight away."

Mr Lee said since the cafe opened in September, the menu had evolved and there was now a big focus on gourmet breakfasts in addition to their other cafe and food items.

"We have a good breakfast menu," he said.

"We have properly poached eggs, smashed avocado and James's hash and the big breakfast as well."

Many locals have taken to the restaurant's Facebook page to offer their reviews.

"Great food and friendly service, will be back for sure, best burgers in Bundy," Toddy Jamieson said.

Ashleigh Jean Williams said she was also impressed.

"Just had me a double burger," she said.

"So delicious.

"Love the decor, love the fast service, love the food.

"Great job to whoever is running this joint - finally a decent burger place."

At James's Place is located at 112 George St, opposite Hinkler Central.

At James's Place is open till 4pm Monday, Tuesday and Saturday and until 9pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

It is closed Sundays.

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