Is sex the best stress relief?

I AM treading into deep water with no life jacket with this subject, but here we go.

The word is that couples are turning to sex to deal with stress this Christmas.

A new survey has revealed that couples are ditching the mistletoe and heading straight to the bedroom to get through their festive frustrations.

According to the Bupa Stress Survey 2011, 77% of Aussies believe sex is a great way to help manage stress, with 81% of men and 73% of women advocating the stress-busting benefits of sex.

Interestingly, 88% of older men are the most likely to ditch the mistletoe and put sex at the top of their Christmas list.

The silver foxes are closely followed by younger women (76%) in the race to the bedroom.

Women (75%) are more likely than men (69%) to believe stress has negatively affected their relationship.

Bupa's head of clinical advisory, Stan Goldstein is not surprised couples are using sex to de-stress.

He says sex can provide health benefits including increased levels of endorphins, which help to reduce feelings of stress.

Dr Goldstein's top tips to help deal with unwanted holiday stress include:

  • Be open and honest with each other
  • Get enough good quality sleep
  • Create some 'me' time
  • Have fun
  • Don't expect perfection

At this point in my daily comment piece I would normally tie this into my everyday life.

I am divorcing myself from this today because I do not want a divorce.


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