Inspiring author on a mission

“STAGGERING in disbelief, I stared at the books. On the shelf of the public library rested my father's attempt to promote sexual deviancy... I'd embark upon a mission to destroy his bad seeds before they had a chance to take root.”

This is the introduction to Anniko Kevin's self-published work Bad Books: Depravity Unveiled.

It only hints at the emotional journey the Logan City author has gone through after being subjected to abuse at the hands of her father as a teenager.

“I wrote my books for therapeutic reasons to overcome my psychological problems caused by abuse,” Ms Kevin said.

As a teen, Ms Kevin's father subjected her to verbal harassment, voyeurism, brainwashing and bullying.

In later life, when she found out her father's self-published books about incest and other sexual depravities had made their way onto Queensland library book shelves she embarked on a campaign to have the books banned from the public domain.

“It would prove a struggle, as a lone voice crying out, not to be annihilated by the forces of apathy,” she said about the campaign in the introduction to her book.

After battling against government bureaucrats and police officers, Ms Kevin went to the media

Eventually her father's books were taken off the libraries' shelves, but she still had a lot of healing to do.

“Healing is an on-going journey but I feel like I've left the darkness and gone into the light,” Ms Kevin said.

The author shared her experiences with the group gathered for Phoenix House's 14th annual general meeting yesterday.

The organisation's director Kathy Prentice said it was wonderful the author had decided to accept the invitation to speak at the meeting.

“It's excellent she's been able to come and share her story with us,” Ms Prentice said.

“She's inspirational and she's taken a real stand against sexual violence.”

Ms Kevin said she did not want her experiences as a teenager to destroy her adulthood.

“You've only got one life and don't let an abuser rule your life,” she said.

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