Innes Park resident Clyde Gollschewsky is disappointed by the graffiti plastered all over the new Innes Park skatebowl.
Innes Park resident Clyde Gollschewsky is disappointed by the graffiti plastered all over the new Innes Park skatebowl. Max Fleet

Vandals hit skatebowls

POLICE are investigating after vandals hit skatebowls at Innes Park and Bargara late on Sunday night.

Bundaberg Regional Council staff moved in to clean up on Monday morning after graffiti was sprayed across both skatebowls.

Innes Park residents Fay and Clyde Gollschewsky were out for a morning walk yesterday when they discovered the vandalism.

Mr Gollschewsky said trouble at the skatebowl started about two weeks ago when a mattress was torn up and pieces scattered around, along with other rubbish and bottles.

“There have been a lot of cars parked around here at night which suggests it's not young kids,” he said.

“It's a shame because this was meant for the young ones, but if they can drive a car they're not 14 or 15.”

Mr Gollschewsky said the idea of the skatebowl was good, but unfortunately it was being misused, which gave everyone a bad name.

He said he had never been against the construction of the skatebowl.

“I'm not against the skatebowl; it's good to see something provided for the kids,” he said.

“But not in front of houses with all the noise.”

The council's social and recreation portfolio spokeswoman Lynne Forgan said it was a real shame there were some individuals who had to spoil the good facilities that were provided for all to enjoy.

“In a perfect world they would take some ownership of these facilities and respect them,” she said.

Division 5 councillor Greg Barnes said: “As in many aspects of society, there are a few who spoil it for the majority.”

“I would urge those who enjoy the facilities to be vigilant and deter unacceptable behaviour.”

“We will not tolerate the vandalism,” health and environmental portfolio spokeswoman Mary Wilkinson said.

“What I would say to the vandals is get a life and do something constructive for the community.”

The council's manager of environmental services said the same paint and tags were used in both locations, so police believe the same group was responsible.

“We are also looking at other facilities around the region to see if they match up,” a police spokesman said.

“Police are undertaking a thorough investigation, so if anyone saw them or knows of these vandals, please contact the council, the police or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.”

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