'I witnessed the IGA masturbator'

IT'S not every day you go to the shops and spot a creep in the act, but that's exactly what happened one cool night in June last year when I went to Bundaberg's Woongarra St IGA store.

The first thing I noticed was a guy walking around, not really looking like he was doing any shopping.

He seemed aloof, like he was in his own world.

He was lanky, average height and wore glasses, the bagginess of his jacket out of place.

The first thing that made me pay attention was when, in an almost empty store, he brushed against me as if it was crowded - there was no "sorry" or acknowledgement that he'd bumped into me, he just kept going, lapping the store.

At one point, he had a piece of cardboard in his hand, but at no point did he buy groceries. He wasn't even interested.

Heading out with my shopping, I was being served at the check-out when I saw him half hidden behind a pillar - masturbating.

Chillingly, there were young girls being served at the express check-out.

Taken aback, I ducked back into shop from the aisle to try and confirm what I was seeing, and he took off.

It's fantastic work from police that saw him caught and brought to justice, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who is glad to hear he will never be back in the country.

The big concern now will be to see if Italian authorities keep a watchful eye on him because of his wanton disregard for his actions.

In the court, details revealed he'd not only committed sick acts in front of a young girl, but he had also crept into a woman's bed at night.

People like him have no place in our society, but also no place in any other society.

Deporting him is one thing, but it's a crying shame we can't send him to another planet.

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