'I don't have a drug problem' woman tells court

A woman has told a court she doesn't have a drug problem.
A woman has told a court she doesn't have a drug problem.

CORALEE Bennett told Magistrate Belinda Merrin she didn't have a drug problem after she refused an opportunity to do probation and receive counselling.

Bennett, 41, a mum of two, pleaded guilty to drug-driving with methamphetamine and marijuana in her system after police stopped her on Barolin Street on October 26.

Bennett said she want to do something about her drug use but then, after it was explained to her, said she would not consent to a probation order and do programs or counselling as required.

"I don't have a drug problem," Bennett said.

Ms Merrin said her criminal history showed she had drug possession offences in 1998, 2000, 2001 and twice this year.

She said it was a matter for Bennett if she did not want to participate in probation but courts may eventually send her to jail for such offending.

Bennett was fined $500 and lost her licence for four weeks.

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