Hybrid vehicle a cost saver

Taxi driver John See and his hybrid car.
Taxi driver John See and his hybrid car. Mike Knott

TAXI driver John See said the purchase of a hybrid Camry was the best business decision he had ever made.

Mr See bought the vehicle only three-and-a-half months ago and has already notched up 38,000km on the odometer.

The vehicle runs part unleaded and part electric and has saved litres of fuel in its short career.

The economical car has turned into a real cost saver for Mr See, running at an average six litres to every 100km, rather than nine litres to 100 km for its unleaded-guzzling cousins.

“I do between 2500 and 3000km a week and save approximately $500 a month on fuel,” Mr See said.

The cost savings do not stop there, because the hybrid only needs to be serviced every 15,000km, rather than the standard 10,000km.

The hybrid Camry model was about $10,000 dearer than the petrol model, but Mr See said he would recoup that money in two years.

“They are ideal for around town driving, with the stop-starting, because that is where the most saving is,” he said.

“It's the best car that I have owned out of the three taxies I have had.”

The fuel-efficient cars seem to be a good option for people who notch up the kilometres. But with the average Queenslander driving 15,600km a year, it could take up to nine years to recoup the $10,000 initial layout.

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