Christmas is just around the corner - here are some ways you can save some money this holiday season. Photo: Melpomenem
Christmas is just around the corner - here are some ways you can save some money this holiday season. Photo: Melpomenem

How you can make Christmas more affordable

WHEN it comes to the Christmas season, while it can be cheery and fun, it can also be quite financially stressful.

Because of this, here are some tips on how to survive the Christmas season by not blowing your budget on things you can control.


1. Make an inventory of what you already have


There's no point wasting money on new wrapping paper when you have a cupboard filled with different wrapping that will do the job.

This is the same with Christmas decorations that you might've acquired in previous years.

You can also base your recipes from this, by only making food that doesn't require you to buy all of the ingredients brand new - make use of what you have stored in the cupboard, but make sure it hasn't already reached its expiry date.


2. DIY decor


Bringing out the craft materials can be a much more family inclusive activity than a shopping trip that your children may dread, and it can also be much more cost effective too.

You can get inspiration for your decorations online, with Pinterest being an especially helpful site.


3. Shopping locally


Avoiding travel expenses or shipping costs can save you quite a lot of money especially on a budget.

This will also help you inject money into your community, allowing the local economy to grow.


While these ideas can help cut some dollars, for some it may not be enough.

According to The Smith Family, many families may feel an expectation to provide gifts to their friends and family members when they can barely make ends meet in the first place.

If you are needing some further support this Christmas, there are some charities that can help you.


Salvation Army Food Hamper and Gift Assistance

This particular charity helps feed families and give gifts to those in need of help.


Mission Australia

Helping to find safe affordable housing and support disadvantaged families.


The Smith Family

To help Australian children living in poverty.

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