IT'S a project 20 years in the making, and one that has changed the life of Bargara man Demetrias Rejtano.

A concreter by trade, Mr Rejtano had invented many a thing over the years, but nothing compared to his idea to create the 2WheelBoard. 

Two-wheel boards are a bit like a skateboard, but with two big wheels.

The board is said to feel like a mixture of a surf board and snow board - while eliminating the need to find the correct environment. 

It goes anywhere a pushbike would go, but on a board, says its creator. 

"God gave me this toy," says Mr Rejtano, who said he had been soul searching and trying to think of the best possible way to provide for his family when the idea came to his mind. 

"I'm a concreter, but my inventions for me were always my super," he said.  

A spot on the television show Shark Tank recently shot Mr Rejtano across the nation's TV screens, but he said it was just a small speck in what is proving to be a journey to success. 

In the last seven days, two viral videos have seen demand for his boards increase to 60,000 - meaning he can hardly keep up with production. 

"Before Shark Tank I was behind already, just from what happened on the internet," he said. 

"We had these two companies make these videos. From that, I've ended up getting 37 countries and over 60,000 orders not even counting America and Canada yet. 

"One video had 3.1 million views, the other had 1.7 million.

"4.5 million people worldwide know that Demetrias is the inventor of the 2WheelBoard."

News of his invention has spread far and wide - with the royal family of Dubai inviting him to their country. 

"I had a representative from the royal family of Dubai who asked me to come and show my project at their Big Boys Toys," he said.

"They've requested me to come."

Increased demand for the boards has meant Mr Rejtano must expand. 

"We making them in America and Australia and starting a factory in Taiwan," he said. 

Mr Rejtano has had his fair share of personal challenges on the road to success. 

He suffers from familial Mediterranean fever - an inflammatory disease that sadly claimed the life of his brother. 

But he won't give up and believes that in the near future, the 2WheelBoard will be worth more than a billion dollars. 

"I just need to sort these countries out then I'll have world domination," he said. 

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