Meet Jerome Johnson.
Meet Jerome Johnson.

Hot hubby with $89 Kmart vacuum heats up internet

KMART may be rethinking their future advertising campaigns after a photo of Jerome Johnson testing out the new $89 vacuum cleaner has seen the product become smoking hot… I mean red hot property for customers.

His wife Teylor posted the domestically blissful image on Facebook of the 26-year-old father-of-one with the intention of just bragging about her new toy - and not her man's fine physique.

"This pic got deleted on the Kmart mums page I'm on cos I think they thought it was too explicit lol! But at 10pm last night Jerome asked me if I wanted to go and get this $89 vacuum cleaner that I've had my eye on so off we went to our 24hr Kmart and bought it and holy mac it's a beast," she says.

"Most people were saying its better than their Dyson or Kirby and yeah I'm sold on this Kmart one. I would say I love my new toy but I think someone else cough Jerome loves it more after vacuuming the whole house last night aye babe."


However, it seems her babe got a lot more attention than the hoover itself - something Teylor certainly never foresaw.

"Yeah I'm surprised but I also think the whole thing is a bit silly over a vacuum cleaner," she tells Kidspot.

But before you go thinking that Jerome is handy on the vac - think again…

"Jerome's only vacuumed once which was with the Kmart vac."

But that doesn't mean the Sydney dad of almost two-year-old Cole doesn't pull his weight around the house.

"He's more of a dishes and bin duty guy. But he gives everything a good go and is really thorough in his cleaning so that pic was taken was him posing but he really did vacuum the house bloody well."


Teylor and Jerome with their gorgeous boy Cole. Source: Supplied
Teylor and Jerome with their gorgeous boy Cole. Source: Supplied

It comes as no surprise that the product sold out across the country and the retail chain was very grateful.

"Kmart themselves called us to say thank you for the increase of sales throughout Australia,' his proud wife adds.

"Oh I mentioned the steam mop to him (thinking maybe he could wrangle a freebie from Kmart) but am happy with the mop I currently have - I don't really care to be honest," she laughs.

Some people have accused the couple of staging the photo - but I could further from the truth.

"Jerome's a really cheeky fun guy, so I don't think he takes himself too seriously in this whole thing - it's more of a laugh for the both of us," Teylor says.

"People have read into it too much saying that we're milking this whole ordeal which is hilarious. We couldn't care less about it but see more of the funnier side being that there is a half topless photo circulating the internet of my husband!"

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