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Hospital progressing in getting back to normal

UPDATE, 3.30PM MONDAY: A spokesperson for Bundaberg  Hospital said the facility progressing well in re-commissioning clinical services with a number of areas returning to full capacity from February 4 including the Mental Health Inpatient Unit and the Paediatric  Unit.

The general medical and surgical units are fully operational with  ICU still running at 50% capacity.

it is planned that the Rehabilitation Unit will open 10 beds on Thursday.

Specialist outpatients and pre-admission clinics are now fully operational.

EARLIER: Bundaberg Hospital is gradually going back to normal following the evacuation of its patients early last week.

Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young said 125 patients were evacuated last Monday night and Tuesday to seven hospitals throughout Brisbane.

"The patients are still being cared for and we won't arrange for their return to Bundaberg until we are sure that it is best for them," Dr Young said.

"In some cases, patients who are well enough have been discharged into the care of their family or friends.

"No one has been discharged if they haven't got somewhere to go or they can get back safely to their homes."

Dr Young said 12 patients had been discharged so far and a further 15 were expected to be discharged this week.

"We will continue to monitor each and every patient who was transferred until they are all back in either their homes, with their families or at the Bundaberg Hospital," she said.

"The evacuation and its co-ordination was a great effort by health staff in both Bundaberg and Brisbane and I applaud their efforts."

Dr Young said four special care babies who were evacuated will begin to be returned to Bundaberg early this week.

Despite all the patients being evacuated due to potential flooding at the Bundaberg hospital, the emergency department and the birthing facility continued to operate to ensure the community had appropriate emergency care during the crisis.

Anyone with concerns about friends or family who were evacuated from Bundaberg Hospital can contact 4152 1222.

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