Despite new rules, people still think they can hoon

NORVILLE residents are sick and tired of hoons using their neighbourhood as a race track.

And I don't blame them.

When the NewsMail put a call out for hooning hot spots in Bundaberg in June last year, Maynard St was one of the ones nominated and if events at the weekend are anything to go by, things haven't improved.

Resident Ted Kelly has been left to foot the bill for getting his fence repaired after a hoon drove into it in the early hours of Saturday morning and carried on driving.

According to Mr Kelly, the hooning is a regular occurrence at weekends.

Surely these people have something better to do than drive around, racing their mates and being a general nuisance on the roads.

Despite some early success with the new hooning laws, it seems as though people still think they can get away with driving like an idiot.

What they fail to realise is that if they are caught they could lose their car for 90 days and it doesn't matter if it's not their car.

I hope the person who crashed into Mr Kelly's fence has a repair bill of their own to pay.