Hoons flout driving rules

BAD Bundaberg drivers are not learning their lesson despite police enforcing more than 80 vehicle impoundments in the past six months.

About 75 cars have been impounded for 48 hours for offences such as drink-driving, unlicensed driving and driving an unregistered or uninsured vehicles.

A further nine vehicles have been impounded for hooning in doing things such as burn-outs, wheel-spins, excessive noise and smoke.

Bundaberg police traffic branch officer in charge Sergeant Marty Arnold said a number of the impoundments were for repeat offenders who were serving licence disqualification periods.

"It shows that people really aren't getting the message," he said.

"With the number of serious crashes we have had in the past two weeks, people really need to be obeying they law."

Sgt Arnold said this was especially important at this time of year.

"It's the same Christmas message we have every year," Sgt Arnold said.

"People need to take their time on the roads - stop when they are feeling tired and stick to the speed limit so everyone gets there in one piece."

But Sgt Arnold had been surprised by the low number of cars impounded for hooning.

"I actually expected more," he said.

"In most cases they have come to understand that if they are caught, they will lose their car and they really don't want that."

Of the almost 85 cars which were impounded, six had not yet been claimed by their owners.

The police had posted a notice for the owners to pick up the cars or they would be disposed of.

Sgt Arnold said on occasion some owners never came to pick up the car.

"It might be the case that it costs more to get the car from impoundment than the car is worth," he said.

Sgt Arnold said those cars not claimed would most likely be sold at auction.

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