DIVISION 10: Candidate Crystal Jones is back in the race.
DIVISION 10: Candidate Crystal Jones is back in the race.

Hooning and green waste on Div 10 candidate's list

TAKING up the fight on hoons, making roads safer and supporting the free collection of green waste are just a handful of the priorities on Division 10 candidate Crystal Jones's list.

The local of two decades and Division 10 resident has announced she is running again after being a candidate for the division in 2016.

"Two years ago, many people cast their vote for me - people who had come to me with very real concerns - and I owe it to them to make them proud and show them I care, I am still here and will still fight for Div 10," she said.

"I do not believe any other candidate will have as much fight in them as me and I will not take no for an answer where things matter to the community."

Miss Jones thanked outgoing councillor Peter Heuser, who stepped down due to illness.

"I believe in acknowledging hard work where it's been done and will give Mr Heuser credit for any of his plans that come to fruition in the division."

Miss Jones said she wanted to represent the division with care, heart and understanding.

"My number one priority as a candidate is to be there when you call and not be a hermit in an office," she said.

"In the lead-up to the election on February 10, I will make doorknocking my full-time job so I can get as much feedback as possible so that if I am elected I can hit the ground running.

"We have enough politicians in the world making promises and talking the talk, what we need in the division is a local person who cares."

Miss Jones has worked for the Bundaberg NewsMail for 10 years and said in that time she had encountered many community issues that had been an inspiration behind running.

"One of those of which I am most proud is the push for change and transparency in aged care and retirement," she said.

"This is not a council issue but one I'll always fight for in whatever way possible."

She also has academic experience in international relations and economics and is a member of the United Nations Association of Australia's Queensland division.

Miss Jones said with family owning small businesses in the Wide Bay and growing up a battler she understood the everyday struggles local people faced.

"Many people in the region are battling and I want to work as part of the council team to make sure we have opportunities by supporting industry, supporting projects that make jobs and supporting recreational facilities and activities so that people aren't just getting by in the region but truly living and truly enjoying life in our lovely patch of the world.

"With depression and poverty being all too common we need to make sure people are happy and have opportunities - Bundy deserves that and as local people we all deserve that."


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