Home violence stats soar

BUNDABERG'S shocking domestic violence figures soared over Christmas with the number of police callouts almost tripling from last year.

Over Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day, Bundaberg officers were called to 32 domestic violence incidents, of which, 25 needed action from police.

Bundaberg police Sergeant Mike McLellan said police were called to 12 incidents in the same period last year.

"The numbers have really spiked this year," Sgt McLellan said.

"It's our busiest Christmas for domestic violence in many years."

Sgt McLellan said the figures over Christmas were much higher than on an average day.

"Over the Christmas period especially in Bundaberg there has been a dramatic increase in domestic violence," he said.

"These disturbances take up a lot of police time."

Sgt McLellan said on an average day, Bundaberg police received about six callouts in relation to domestic violence.

"We get about two per shift," he said.

The annual Magistrates Court of Queensland report shows Bundaberg and Childers accounted for 2.68% of all domestic violence applications in the state this year, well ahead of Maryborough with 1.28% and Hervey Bay with 2.05%.

Bundaberg police Inspector Kev Guteridge said the trend was disturbing.

"It's incredibly concerning to think that in most cases, people are at the greatest risk in their own home surrounded by loved ones," Insp Guteridge said.

"Yet again these domestic violence incidents occur through people failing to take responsibility for their own actions."

Insp Guteridge referred to an incident on Christmas Day in Texas where seven people from one family were killed in a domestic violence incident.

"It goes to show how these things can occur and how they escalate," he said.

"We've had instances of firearms being discharged and swords produced and police being confronted by armed persons when responding to these matters."

Insp Guteridge said violent homes were no place for children.

"A massive concern is many children are exposed to this and they can often go on to be perpetrators and victims of domestic violence," he said.

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