FALLING: Lourdus Chinnappa's home at Aristotle Avenue, Augustine Heights is slipping to the vacant building block below.
FALLING: Lourdus Chinnappa's home at Aristotle Avenue, Augustine Heights is slipping to the vacant building block below. Hayden Johnson

Fears Ipswich home will collapse into construction site

A STOP-work notice has been issued after an Augustine Heights property owner raised concerns slipping land will have his home collapse into a construction site below.

Lourdus Chinnappa believes site excavation at a neighbouring block on Aristotle Avenue has weakened a sandstone wall and caused the earth at the side of his property to fall but owner-builder Yusham Liu says stormwater from recent heavy rain is to blame.

Mr Liu is excavating a vacant site ahead of the construction of a home at the block below Mr Chinnappa's property.

After heavy rain the land next to Mr Chinnappa's home began sliding, prompting him to lodge a complaint about Mr Liu's work with the Ipswich City Council on December 7.

A development compliance officer conducted an inspection of the site, determining the wall had started to fail and was dangerous.

A spokesman for the council confirmed an enforcement notice was issued, requiring an engineer to be engaged and rectification works to be conducted.

All work at the construction site was also directed to stop.

Next to the $650,000, four-bedroom home a retaining wall and fencing have already fallen.

A frustrated Mr Chinnappa said he was concerned from the start of the excavation.

"The damage is going from bad to worse," Mr Chinnappa said.

"I'm worried my house will collapse.

"This has been something that has been going on for a long time."

Mr Liu claims stormwater from the recent heavy rain had caused the land to collapse.

"I'm working to fix it now," he said. "We can fix it."

There is no evidence work undertaken by Mr Liu was the cause of the sandstone wall to slide.

Mr Chinnappa's home was built in 2008 and sits about four metres above the vacant block.

Mr Liu said he was constructing a retaining wall and working to level the site.

Division two councillor Paul Tully inspected the slipping land.

He said the council would move in and secure the site if necessary and bill the owner for works.

Mr Chinnappa said it was a "difficult time" for his family as they watched the land fall from beneath them.

"We are going through quite a lot at the moment," he said.

Mr Liu hopes to have the site secured by Christmas.

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