WATCH: Hit and run driver sentenced to six years jail

UPDATE 4.15PM: THE family of hit and run victim Jemal Lawton wept as they left the sentencing of a 21-year-old man responsible for his death in Rockhampton District Court this morning.

Noa Ronnie Etheridge pleaded guilty to one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death and leaving the scene after hitting 17-year-old Jemal Lawton in March last year.

The court heard Etheridge was driving at speeds of between 68 and 82kph when he hit Jamal on Rockonia Road.

A witness said Etheridge did not slow down, break or swerve after smashing into Jamal who was standing in the middle of the road.

Jamal's mother, Melissa Hixon, spoke outside court.

"I'm not getting my son back but it's something you know," she said.

"Someone is being punished for doing this, for doing this to my baby.

"They'll get to see their son again but I'll never get to see mine."

Jemal Lawton, who was hit by a car on Rockonia Road. Photo Contributed
Jemal Lawton, who was hit by a car on Rockonia Road. Photo Contributed Contributed

12pm: NOA Ronnie Etheridge is headed behind bars, after being sentenced to prison for a hit and run incident in 2014.

Jemal Lawton was hit by Etheridge on the corner of Rockonia Rd and Stack St.

The court today heard Etheridge had been travelling up to 82km when the incident happened, and left the scene.  

Jemal, who was 17, had his life support switched off in hospital several days later.

Etheridge has been sentenced to six years in prison, with parole after two years. 

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