Help for Blake pours in

Bundaberg has rallied behind a couple struggling to cope with the strain of their son's medical battle, donating more than $3000 to keep them afloat.

With a flood of calls offering help “morning and night”, Carl Barrow could barely express his gratitude for the generous financial support his family has received.

“I'm blown away to be honest, so is my wife. She had a bit of a cry,” Mr Barrow said.

Mr Barrow's family were simply hoping to have food on the table, as eight-year-old son Blake continued the battle this week with his genetic disorder neurofibromatosis (often mistakenly referred to as “Elephant Man's disease”).

Since the NewsMail ran a story on their plight on Saturday, the family received generous offers and about $1400 in donations by Sunday.

Another $1700 had been delivered to the NewsMail office between Monday and yesterday.

“We want to thank the community, and let people know. I'm choking up I'm so overwhelmed,” Mr Barrow said.

“We're not used to asking for help, but we had no choice. Now everything's coming together.”

Mr Barrow said Blake was treated to a courtesy muscle relaxation session on Saturday to help prepare for yesterday's pre-op, and they had received offers of a Harley Davidson ride, and a fridge and furniture to put in their housing commission home.

At Brisbane's Mater Hospital yesterday, with the 20th operation on Blake's right leg looming, Mr Barrow said they were awaiting the results of Monday's blood test.

Their doctor, bone reconstruction specialist and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Ivan Astori, was concerned about an infection in Blake's bone.

If the infection is still present, Blake's operation may be stalled.

If he is clear, Mr Barrow said Blake could soon have exploratory surgery.

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