Movie: Life of Pi
Reviewer: Joseph Akers
Rating: PG
Joeden stars: 3.5/5
Run time: 127 minutes
Genre: Drama/Adventure
Production: 20th Century Fox
Showing: Now
Verdict: An intense, heartfelt and extraordinary tale about a man named Pi.

THE Life of Pi is based on a novel and is about a boy whose family is moving a zoo from India to Canada.

While moving the animals, Pi finds himself on a boat with a tiger and several other animals.

This movie is intense and at times heartwarming, but it does have a fault - the start is very slow.

The cinematography is stunning. The CGI is used extremely well.

Director Ang Lee has worked with CGI before in the 2003 version of The Hulk.

My opinions on that film are very harsh… Marvel... DC... never trust Ang Lee with your superhero films.

But in The Life of Pi, the cinematography is stunning and everything looks very beautiful.

Richard Parker, the tiger, was a very intelligent character.

His character is extremely unlikeable yet you cheer for him.

The acting in this film is extremely well done and the screenwriters do a great job with the second half of the film.

The first half was very slow and focused too much on character development with some unnecessary characters.

The directing is really good. Ang Lee knew what he wanted to do with the film.

Could he win a Golden Globe? No, because Ben Affleck did a wonderful job with Argo, which also had a slow start.
When I walked out of the cinema I thought to myself "what if this movie was a musical?" (leave your thoughts below).

Personally, I think if it was a musical, some of the thrills wouldn't have worked out, but, if Ang Lee knew what he wanted to do with a musical, it could have been a great one.

Overall The Life of Pi is a visual masterpiece with elements that are just heartwarming.

Honestly I don't think I liked it as much as other people did.

Some scenes were a bit too hard to handle and there's too much I wouldn't recommend animal lovers watching.

Does it have a chance of getting a Golden Globe? Yep.

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