Discovery Coast Moped Hire and Tours Paul Becke.
Discovery Coast Moped Hire and Tours Paul Becke.

Heartbreaking reason this man is selling his business

PAUL Becke first fell in love with Agnes Water during a 2014 trip around Australia.

About three years later he relocated to build a life there.

Three months after that he started Discovery Coast Moped Hire and Tours.

Mr Becke said the scooter hire business had thrived ever since.

"It was for backpackers and so forth, to avail some transportation for them to get around town," Mr Becke said.

"We had a look and thought 'What could we possibly do to seek self employment in the tourism industry?'.

"We thought 'What doesn't the town have at the moment that we could establish?'."

Now after offering his services to hordes of happy tourists, his health issues have prompted him to make an important choice.

Mr Becke is selling the business to continue his cross-country travels, before he has critical heart surgery.

"I'm currently on a waiting list and they're not really 100 per cent sure how successful it's going to be," Mr Becke said.

"They said it was probably going to be between 18 months and two years and this is why I've decided to go and continue the travels, just in case in the event of going into the surgery there is complications and I don't come out," he said.

"At least I will have ticked something off my bucket list."

He said the business has six 50cc motor scooters and has clear potential for growth and he was sad to put it on the market in October.

"99 per cent of the business is tourists, visitors from Brisbane, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Tannum Sands - we get people from all over the country," Mr Becke said.

"I've never ever had a client come back disappointed, they come back with smiles like Cheshire cats."

The business will remain operational until sold and has an asking price of $30,000-$35,000.