ONE NATION: Senator Pauline Hanson has gone on the attack on Hinkler MP Keith Pitt.
ONE NATION: Senator Pauline Hanson has gone on the attack on Hinkler MP Keith Pitt. Patrick Woods

Hanson fires shots at Pitt as One Nation eyes Hinkler

ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson yesterday hit out at Hinkler MP Keith Pitt, saying his job was on the line because of failed government policies and in-fighting.

Senator Hanson said the Member for Hinkler faced a battle to hold his seat.

"There are a number of coalition members who recognise their seats are on the line," the Queensland senator said.

"Keith Pitt knows that the internal fighting and inaction on jobs, immigration, water security, power prices, cost of living, the failure to look after pensioners and veterans, and act on family law matters has caused a backlash from voters across his electorate.

"Keith also knows the National Party are considered dead in Queensland, consumed by the Liberal Party, so he's quite literally whipping a dead horse."

Ms Hanson said a One Nation candidate for Hinkler was set to be announced before the end of next month.

"One Nation's pre-selection process for the seat of Hinkler is underway and the party expects to have an announcement on its candidate by mid September," Ms Hanson said.

Although no official announcement has been made on who would become the party's endorsed candidate, Ms Hanson said a past contender had thrown his name into the hat.

"Our previous candidate Damian Huxham has again put forward his nomination and has strong support from both party members and the executive," she said.

"Hinkler has always shown strong support for One Nation, particularly in the 2016 federal election where enormous first preference votes were received in the senate."

The Australian yesterday reported a potential immigration plan may see new immigrants settled for a minimum of five years in regional towns outside of major cities in an attempt to quell population pressures.

When the NewsMail asked about One Nation's stance on the potential plan, Senator Hanson said she did not support the unreleased policy.

"When will the government admit to the people of Hinkler and the rest of Australia that the high immigration rate coming into this country is fast strangling our economy," she said.

"Australians don't want regional disbursement of immigrants.

The message is clear, they don't want them at all while infrastructure is fast becoming a joke.

"Hinkler residents know its unemployment rate is higher than most regional centres across the country, so locals will be asking 'how the hell will these newcomers get a job?'

"Keith Pitt knows his government cannot sell the 914,000 immigration levels they've set over the next 4 years in the recent budget.

"People better learn fast that the Labor Greens coalition will bring in even more if they take government.

"I would suggest Keith Pitt takes a very clear message back to his party room.

"Stop taking voters for granted and start treating them with respect."

Mr Pitt challenged Senator Hanson on undelivered election promises from the 2016 election.

"The people of Australia need to remember that a vote for One Nation results in a Labor government," Mr Pitt said.

"There have been millions invested in infrastructure in the Hinkler electorate with over $40 million on the Bruce Highway alone.

"In the 2016 election she promised the Burrum Bridge would be built in three years and even named the bridge.

Other promises included establishing high tech hubs and flash fibres for radio towers to assist the NBN rollout.

"One Nation and their candidates are all talk and no action.

"One Nation are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of voters. Ms Hanson promises everything and delivers nothing.

"If Ms Hanson wants to be in the House of Representatives, then maybe she should stand down from the senate, like so many of her previous senators have, and have a crack."

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