Emily Ayling has been left disappointed by Hamper King after her vouchers she had paid off all year did not turn up on time. -
Emily Ayling has been left disappointed by Hamper King after her vouchers she had paid off all year did not turn up on time. - Craig Warhurst

Hamper King spoils Christmas for Bundy mum

SHE'S paid a king's ransom to ensure her family has a merry Christmas but Emily Ayling has been left wanting.

The mum of six boys has been left in the lurch this week after an order for three $500 vouchers from Hamper King failed to be delivered by the specified time.

That's despite forking out an extra $225 in administration fees to ensure the vouchers arrived on schedule.

The company allows families to pay money into a prepaid Visa credit card, which works like any other credit card and can be used in stores across the country.

What's even more puzzling is Mrs Ayling finished paying for the vouchers in October, leaving the company plenty of time to get her order out.

Unfortunately, Mrs Ayling is not the only one to be feeling the pinch.

Adelaide mum Renee McKinnon paid almost $3000 on the company's payment plan scheme and is in the same situation as Mrs Ayling.

When they contacted Hamper King about the stuff-up, both women reported being hung up on by the operator, Mrs Ayling saying she called three times and was put on hold for almost two hours.

Unsatisfied, Ms McKinnon began a Facebook group, Boycott Hamper King, and in less than a day the group had been liked hundreds of times and she had received thousands of messages detailing similar experiences.

Compounding matters further for Mrs Ayling, the Bundy mum celebrates the birth of two of her children in December and had to use money she had put aside for Christmas to pay for presents.

to rub salt into the wound, she was told that if she chose to drop the payments next year, payments which have already begun being collected, she could be slugged with a fee.

At first Mrs Ayling said Hamper King tried to blame Australia Post for the delay, however a tracking number was able to pinpoint the location of the vouchers, which had not left Sydney the day after they were meant to be delivered.

"I relied on this money, I shouldn't have, but this is the guarantee that Hamper King gives you, 'Save for a magical Christmas'. This hasn't been magical, I'm 12 days out of Christmas and I do have lay-bys, but you have to have the vouchers to pay for those lay-bys,” she said.

"This company has full control over money I have already paid them.”

Mrs Ayling said what made matters worse was being left with little options.

"I'm not looking forward to getting what's left on the shelf. I should have had a choice,” she said.

It's little reward for the loyalty she has shown the company since they started in Australia.

"I thought 'Wow, I've saved for it all year and I've got spending money for you guys for your birthdays and a little extra to Christmas shopping'.

"It's just horrible.”

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