Waterproof iPhones? Maybe not...

WHEN a series of Twitter tweets emerged this week with complaints of Apple's new iOS7 software and its inability to make their phones waterproof, it wasn't exactly one of my "proud of humanity" moments.

To put this all into context, some fake ads were released by members of the controversial website 4chan telling Apple customers their new software download would actually make their phone waterproof.

Some believed it.

The "twit" in "Twitter" has never made so much sense…

Sure, some of my closest friends are some of simplest to convince of a myth on the planet. Gullible people can, after all, be rather entertaining.

That said, tolerance and amusement trade places for anger and bewilderment when I see something of this proportion.

No piece of downloadable technology is that good unless you're downloading some sort of watertight zip-lock bag.

And as far as I'm aware, not even Apple has quite dominated that frontier just yet.

Don't get me wrong: iOS7 is really pretty.

I mean, sure, there's probably a bit more to say about it, but I'll leave all that to the technology buffs.

When the day of Apple's heavily anticipated software upgrade finally arrived last week, it really was the buzz around town for anyone who owns an i-Something.

"I love the new messages!"

"You can take panorama photos!"

"Siri is still completely useless!"

Oh yes, these three observations - admittedly the latter most of all - are just a few of the ones I've heard countless times over the past week, and the iPhone upgrade obsession doesn't appear set to appease any time soon.

That I can deal with.

Dealing with gullible people willing to believe that a piece of software would make their phone waterproof is a little more difficult.

What will people believe next?

Will our phones perform CPR?

Will the software advance so much that 000 calls actually result in a police officer charging to the rescue through the earpiece?

Or will we be able to download an App that gives us our own personal air-conditioning unit on a warm day?

They do seem to have an App for everything else.

Of course, all of this is ridiculous. But so is making a phone waterproof…via download.

Software is - well, umm - software. It doesn't have the ability to send the materials required to create an iPhone-suitable scuba diving kit.

It doesn't matter if you've downloaded some sort of Steve Jobs miniature clone to live in and operate your phone - it's not going to make it waterproof.

And you hardly need a technology buff to tell you that.

Besides, the clone would drown if you dropped the phone in the pool anyway.

I'm sure there's an App to fix that, though.

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