Growers' healthy eating message

BUNDABERG school students are being given an insight into healthy eating as Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers (BFVG) present a series of workshops in conjunction with the Brisbane Markets' Queensland Kids Fresh Net program.

The presentations are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle among children, with visits to local farms as well as fruit and vegetable tastings.

BFVG chairman Geoff Chivers said reaction to the presentations had so far been positive.

“We've had excellent feedback from both the students and the teachers, who see it as a very worthwhile exercise for the students to become involved in,” Mr Chivers said.

“What really has grabbed us is how quickly the students latch onto this healthy eating promotion.”

With studies showing childhood obesity is on the increase, Mr Chivers said it was important good health messages be presented to younger generations.

“One of the key reasons we got into this whole promotion was to set the next generation on the path to healthy eating,” he said.

“As a local growers' organisation, we're very pleased to be able to contribute.”

The program also allows students to get a hands-on experience with local agriculture.

“We take students in buses out to the farms and actually show them where the fruit and vegetables are grown and how they're picked, how they're packed and what actually happens on a farm,” he said.

Although the presentations are mainly focused on health benefits, Mr Chivers said it also created employment possibilities.

“There are any numbers of career opportunities for students, and that doesn't just mean picking in the fields and packing in the shed.

"We need agronomists, consultants and people with managerial skills,” he said.

Schools interested in presentations or farm tours should call BFVG on 41533007 to secure a booking.

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