Vicki Perrin at the petition handover.
Vicki Perrin at the petition handover.

Coal Free Wide Bay backs Darling Downs residents' petition

MEMBERS of the Coal Free Wide Bay group have joined Darling Downs residents to present a petition to State Parliament seeking to have the rights of the community to object to coal mines reinstated.

Chairwoman Vicki Perrin said the previous LNP government took away the rights of local communities to have their objections to co-ordinated coal mining projects heard in the Queensland Land Court

In response to community concerns in the lead-up to the January election the ALP promised to restore objection rights, she said.

But they had not yet delivered and landholders on the Darling Downs looked set to lose the right to take the New Hope, Acland Stage 3 coal project to court.

"We are telling Palaszczuk's government, in no uncertain terms, that the people of Queensland will have their rights restored and we will not give up until it is done," Ms Perrin said.

Last year members of Lock the Gate Alliance and supporter groups tabled a People's Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014 in the empty Upper House of Queensland Parliament.

Ms Perrin said the Bill was the centrepiece of a campaign to restore to Queenslanders the common rights that were being eroded by the mining industry, including objection rights.

"We stand side by side with our fellow Queenslanders as we fight for what is fair and just in our state. New Hope should take heed and know that they are in for one hell of a fight in both our region and the Darling Downs," she said.

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