Greens bad for mining: candidate

CENTRAL Queensland mining communities will be the biggest losers in Labor’s preference deal with the Greens, Liberal-National candidate for Flynn Ken O’Dowd said yesterday.

He called on Member for Flynn Chris Trevor to tear up his preference deal swap.

“Labor’s decision to give its preferences to the Greens risks handing the Greens the balance of power in the Senate and the ability to decide Australia’s climate change policy and mining tax regime,” he said.

Mr Trevor said preference deals were a matter for the Labor Party office.

“What is clear this election is that there is a stark choice between Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard,” he said.

“Only the Gillard Labor Government has an agreement with the mining industry that will deliver an extra $10.5 billion back into the Australian community.”

But despite his objections to the Greens, Mr O’Dowd has listed them higher than he has the Labor Party on his how to vote card.

On the card, Mr O’Dowd has given the Greens fifth preference spot and listed the Labor Party as the six and last preference.

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Officials announced the decision early Friday.

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