Morgahna Godwin talks about Manage Endo success and The Gratitude Project.
Morgahna Godwin talks about Manage Endo success and The Gratitude Project.

Gratitude more than project, it’s a lifestyle

AFTER years of hard work and tracking her own experience with endometriosis, what started as Manage Endo by Bundaberg entrepreneur Morgahna Godwin has been acquired by Endometriosis Association Queensland and they are set to release a new app for free in 2020.

Ms Godwin said she never thought her work would be owned privately, and that this was an amazing outcome.

With the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announcing a $426,800 investment in QENDO to help build the new app, Ms Godwin said it not only validated her work but also the women with endometriosis.

Ms Godwin said that kind of amount of funding for a specific project for endometriosis felt women's suffering was being taken note of.

Endometriosis affects one in 10 women and occurs when tissue similar to the ­lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus and ­attaches itself to other organs.

As yet there is no cure for the disease.

Living with stage four - the most severe - category of endometriosis, it was her determination to manage her pain without a copious amount of medication, and her background in graphic design, which sparked the foundation of Manage Endo.

Health Minister Steven Miles said the funding would help QENDO create a new app tailored specifically for the needs of women with endometriosis and pelvic pain and the families that support them.

"The development and subsequent rollout of the app is based on an existing aged care app," he said.

"Through the app, women will be able to track and report their symptoms, develop a care plan, and use many resources to assist in their treatment.

"The app will also allow for peer-to-peer support, with women being able to share their experiences and knowledge with others in a similar position."

Ms Godwin said she was glad she didn't give up and hoped the new app would go on to help women across the country.

She said it was the work of non-biased journalism and an initial report by Eliza Goetze, a former NewsMail and ABC Wide Bay reporter, on Manage Endo that "got it moving" in her mind.

She said unbiased journalism was needed to report on the good, bad and ugly in order to hold systems to account.

Since Manage Endo was acquired, Ms Godwin has been busy with numerous projects, from presenting at the local TEDx event, a 10-day silent meditation retreat and her latest venture - a podcast series called The Gratitude Project.

Having never used this platform before, Ms Godwin said she was scared initially, but thought it was the best forum to produce easily digestible content.

When deciding on a project, there's one question on her mind: what does this give people?

And if it can help someone or add value to one's life, then there's no stopping Ms Godwin.

The 10-episode series which delves into numerous topics surrounding gratitude, including how the practice of gratitude while living with a chronic illness like endometriosis, has opened doors and helped to improve her mental health.

For Ms Godwin, the power of gratitude cannot be understated.

When asked what she was grateful for, three things came to mind - to live here, her wife, and to be alive.

Residing in Bargara, Ms Godwin said she was blessed to live in place that is "perpetually summer" and not inundated with people.

"My wife Jessica, she's an incredible human," she said. As a senior medical professional, Ms Godwin said everyday she "gives people back their life … I'm so grateful she exists".

She said T he Gratitude Project was set out like a book, with each episode similar to a chapter and featuring guest speakers throughout the season.

The Gratitude Project can be found on Spotify and other podcast outlets.

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