The Iconic Macgraw Pink Sheer Shirt $695, Feather Drum Pink Pants $165,
The Iconic Macgraw Pink Sheer Shirt $695, Feather Drum Pink Pants $165,

Going green no fad, with sustainable fashion here to stay

In the world of fashion, sustainability is so hot right now.

But responsible consumerism isn't just another fad. The Iconic representative Jaana Quaintance-James says it's a movement that's here to stay.

"Since the Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013, brands and consumers have become increasingly aware of the impacts of fashion and want to know they are not involved in those negative impacts,” Jaana says.

"We are all collectively so much more aware of the significance of the social and environmental concerns that we face globally, which is driving greater imperative to act.”

If you're looking to slow down your fast fashion addiction, Jaana says it's important to know how you define sustainable and ethical fashion to fit your own values.

"What qualifies as ethical or sustainable can mean different things to different people,” she says.

"At The Iconic we define sustainable and ethical fashion as relating to making decisions to use materials or processes that are better for humans, animals or the environment than conventional alternatives.

"If you are concerned about environmental issues, look out for brands using sustainable materials or those which have specific environmental certifications.

"If you are an animal lover, seek out brands that use vegan materials with animal testing-free certifications or non-mulesed wool.”

If you're thinking sustainable fashion is all linen overalls and hemp jumpers, prepare to eat your hat.

The Iconic recently launched Considered, a collection of labels that have responsible practices at the forefront.

"A key driver for us in launching our new Considered edit came about because we saw a huge opportunity to debunk the myth that sustainable fashion is expensive, unfashionable and inaccessible,” Jaana says.

"A simple browse through The Iconic Considered edit clearly showcases the diversity of brands, price points and high-fashion, trend-driven styles that are available to customers seeking to make more conscious fashion purchases.”

Jaana says the best way to start your journey to sustainable and ethical fashion choices is to do your research on your favourite brands.

"Consumers need to inform themselves about what 'good' looks like, looking beyond the black and white rating systems which provide a subjective view,” she says.

"Once you have an informed perspective, take action and tell that brand what you think about how they are doing - whether it's good or bad - and celebrate progress when it is made.

"A lot of people expect perfection in this area and it's important to keep in mind that may not actually be attainable.”

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