Gogglebox exposes Operation Live TV fail.
Gogglebox exposes Operation Live TV fail.

Goggleboxers spot hidden clues in ‘live’ TV

IT WAS billed as a "first for Australian television" - a caesarean operation airing on live TV.

But the cast of Foxtel's Gogglebox have called out Channel 7 over its new program, Operation Live, pointing out clues that it was not broadcasting in real time.

Heartwarming footage of a real birth attracted emotional reactions when it aired on Sunday night, capturing the gorgeous moment baby Elijah was born to parents Erine and James at Mater Hospital.

In her introduction, the show's host Melissa Doyle said: "Tonight, watch an operation in real time.

"Direct from the operating theatre you will witness the miracle of life.

"What is about to happen has never been attempted on Australian television. We are broadcasting just metres away from the operating theatre."

As the expectant mother was wheeled into theatre, Gogglebox fan favourite Adam, who shared the couch with his mate Symon, noticed the clock on the wall didn't match the airtime of 9pm.

"That clock says 20 past two, and I don't think a clock in a hospital would be seven hours wrong," he said. "This, Symon, is not live."

Other clues included a close up of a man's watch, sunlight beaming through the blinds and the surgeon's voice being randomly muted when he was likely reading out the time.

Spot the clock.
Spot the clock.

Concerns were raised about the show after Channel 7 promoted a live open heart surgery at the beginning of 2019, with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons objecting and saying it should be prerecorded.

Channel 7 changed their programming, putting the open heart surgery "on hold" and switching to the caesarean.

news.com.au received a press release from Channel 7 last Thursday saying the operation would be aired in "real time".

"For the first time on Australian television, OPERATION: LIVE will feature in real time a caesarean section birth capturing every compelling moment from pre-operation preparation to the miracle moment when parents meet their baby."

However, obstetrician Dr Steven Tan who featured in the show told The Sunday Telegraph the surgery wouldn't be aired live for "the safety of the patient and the unborn child".

"Things can go wrong and do go wrong, which is why there must be a delay to ensure the patient's safety is protected," he said.

In response to questions today from news.com.au, Channel 7 repeated its statement from last week.

"The procedure will be covered in real time and as close to 9pm as it reasonable, given patient safety and the surgeon's considerations," the statement said.

But that's not how the Goggleboxers saw it and they were having a field day.

A confused Anastasia turned to her friend Faye and asked: "So live can mean 'we've taped this while it was happening live' … So, does that mean all TV is live?"

Gogglebox airs on Foxtel's Lifestyle channel on Wednesdays at 7.30pm ADST.





And the watch.
And the watch.
Sunlight at 9pm?
Sunlight at 9pm?

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