Isaac Baldry has had his go-kart stolen.
Isaac Baldry has had his go-kart stolen. Mike Knott

Family go-kart stolen

AN East Bundaberg family is devastated after thieves took a hand-built go-kart that father and son had spent a year working on.

Mechanic David Baldry spent countless hours helping his son Isaac put together the kart so that it could be ready in time for the boy’s 14th birthday in September.

“He’s always wanted a go-kart, and we told him he could have one when he was big enough,” mum Annette Baldry said.

“We thought now he is 14, he could use it safely.”

Mr Baldry put the final finishing touches to their unique vehicle on Monday last week, and Isaac was looking forward to spending the rest of his school holidays zooming on a block of land owned by the family.

But his joy was short-lived, when the go-kart was stolen from their back yard that same night.

“I was pretty sad,” Isaac said.

“Dad spent so long building it and, just like that, it’s gone. It doesn’t seem real fair.”

The teen has spent the past week cycling through his suburb, posting flyers on telephone poles and looking for his present.

“We had one man call up, who said he thought he heard it being driven past his house about midnight on Monday,” Mr Baldry said.

“We think someone saw Isaac test-driving it in our neighbour’s yard on the Monday, and came back that night for it.”

Mr Baldry said the vehicle could not be rolled away, and it would have woken the family if it had been started.

He believes the thieves would have picked up the kart, which is worth an estimated $1000, and carried it down the road for a distance before starting the motor and driving it away.

“It makes you feel gutted after all that work,” he said.

“It would have taken four people to carry it, so they must have planned it.”

Because the vehicle is homemade, Mr Baldry said it was distinctive and easy to spot.

“It’s a unique machine. Someone must have seen it being driven, or in their neighbour’s back yard,” he said.

“Maybe someone has come home and said they bought it cheap - but it’s not one you can buy in the shops.”

Mr Baldry said they did not want a different go-kart, they just wanted their own kart back.

“We can’t replace it, and we don’t want to. We just want our kart,” he said.

Bundaberg police are investigating the theft.

Anyone who has seen the go-kart is asked to telephone Crime Stoppers on

1800 333 000 or the police station on 4153 9111

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