'Girl On Fire' swoops in to see Bundy's chicken whisperer

Girls on fire.
Girls on fire. Contributed

EVERY girl has a spark inside her and Hollywood stunt artist Ky Furneaux is setting out to fan the flames.

After years of being told she couldn't and shouldn't pursue her own burning ambitions, Ky fought to keep her own spark alive against great odds.

She knows firsthand the battles that people face to not let that heat subside.

Throughout her career as a world-class Hollywood stunt artist (Thor, The Avengers, X-Men 3) and survival expert, Ky has inspired thousands of girls to set their sights high and fight to the top.

Now, she's showing how those girls she continues to inspire day-by-day, actually inspire her.

Ky kicked off her Australia-wide tour with a bang by stopping in to chat to 11-year Bundaberg chicken whisperer Summer Farrelly on Saturday.

The plucky 11-year-old has had significant momentum with her Chickens to Love therapy program and has grown an international following in the process.

A world-first therapeutic program, Chickens to Love helps those suffering from social anxiety via contact and interaction with chooks.

Since receiving Bundaberg Regional Council's Australia Day 2018 Young Citizen of the Year award, Summer has continued to spread the chicken love through her own crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a caravan.

The aim is to get the chick magnet and her feathered friends on the road so the young entrepreneur can share everything she's learned with those in need.

In awe of Summer's self-teaching methods, Ky paid Summer a visit on Saturday, where she was given backstage tour of the girl's chicken area.

Summer said she thought Ky was a real role model and was really grateful she came all the way to Bundaberg to see her.

"I shared with Ky about my program and my chickens and she gave me a book - Girl's Own Survival Guide," Summer said.

Proud mother Cynthia said the two had a lot to talk about.

"It was really good for me, from my point of view as a parent, for someone like Ky to give Summer advice about things like bullying," she told the NewsMail.

"It was good to have someone for Summer to actually spend some time with to talk about her project."

The girls also looked at some of Summer's art, took a bunch of chicken selfies and ran around the yard in capes.

"They had a lot of fun," Cynthia said.

Ky will be meeting girls that inspire her across Australia.

She intends to load up her motorbike and head to all four corners of the country to hear their incredible stories and lend her own rich advice and guidance for aiming high, overcoming setbacks, and believing in yourself.

Ky said she couldn't wait to share the inspirational stories of each Girl On Fire with the world.

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