TALK ABOUT IT: Principal Robin Rayner Gin Gin High School is preparing for the future.
TALK ABOUT IT: Principal Robin Rayner Gin Gin High School is preparing for the future. Matthew Mcinerney

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AN ACTION plan for education in Queensland Education has a profound influence on the lives of children and young people.

It is essential that Queensland students are prepared for the jobs that tomorrow will offer.

The Queensland Government has a plan for education that will see us take our world-class education system further and prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Advancing Education - an action plan for education - puts Queensland students on the path to success.

Through Advancing Education we will inspire students to become lifelong learners, global citizens and successful people, confidently able to navigate their future.

The action plan will position schools to more effectively support students to develop the knowledge, skills and qualities they need to be job ready for the jobs of the future.

Every Queenslander plays a part in making the difference - families, communities, early childhood educators, teachers, principals, support staff and our education partners.

By working together we can ensure that our children and young people have the opportunity to benefit from the life changing effects of education and to be resilient and engaged members of their communities.

We welcome your views on how we can work together to deliver our vision for the future of education in Queensland and how to best support our children and young people to reap the benefits education brings.

You are invited to provide feedback after reading the plan and coding and robotics discussion paper.


Oct 22: Do the Five Performance Year 10/11/12 Drama Oct 22: Orientation Evening - Year 6 Parents 6-7.30pm Oct 25-31: Education Week Oct 26: Senior Leader Voting Oct 29: Academic Awards Evening 7pm Oct 30: World Teachers Day Oct 30 Years 11 and 12 Excursion to Good Food & Wine Show Nov 4: Year 12 Indigenous Student Celebration Nov 11: Remembrance day


Gin Gin High School Rowers have truly proved themselves.

We enjoyed the first three days of the holidays at the Qld State Rowing Championships in Rockhampton.

Rowers came from schools all over Queensland.

Many set up large marquees with kitchens, teams of cooks and helpers.

Some of the smaller schools also had small marquees and all the trimming for a three-day picnic on the banks of the Fitzroy River.

The team really proved themselves and were outstanding in their attention to all members.

They were always there to lend a hand with getting boats into and out of the water.

At times they also helped rowers from other teams.

They set a high standard for our school with their tremendous team spirit.

Well done rowers. We are proud of you and all your families who are also a part of our fabulous team.

Kitty Crossan - rowing co-ordinator

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