GET YOUR TAN ON: Rachel McGarry is opening a 24/7 tanning salon called Tan Envy on April 11.
GET YOUR TAN ON: Rachel McGarry is opening a 24/7 tanning salon called Tan Envy on April 11. Mike Knott BUN280319TAN2

Get your glow as new Bundy business opens 24/7

WHEN it comes to tanning, people can be self conscious to stand in front of a beauty therapist, worry about an uneven DIY job or find it hard to get to the salon between working hours.

But Rachel McGarry will change all of that when her new business Tan Envy 24/7 opens next month.

It will offer 24-hour private tanning with top security to ensure client safety.

Rachel said she decided to push forward with the idea in December.

"It's something I've always wanted to do and the 24-hour thing was something I threw on top," he said.

"Already having a beauty salon (The Art of Waxing) I'm with women all day long and I hear about or insecurities and there are a lot of women, and men, out there who haven't or don't get spray tanned because they don't want to get naked in front of anyone.

"I wanted to create a private environment where people can come in and, no matter what shape or size you are, get a tan."

The salon has two private tanning rooms with brand-new spray tan machines.

"With the automatic machines you're in and out in a couple of minutes and they're really easy to use," she said.

"Your barrier creams are provided, then you put your code in and step into the machine and you'll be shown in your induction how to stand.

"The spray is odourless and the machine dries you and it's heated, so during the winter months it's going to be a pleasure to get tanned.

"The machine then washes itself with water ready for the next person."

Rachel said customers who purchased a membership would receive a swipe card to get into the salon and tanning rooms.

"Security is my number one priority here," she said.

"I've got security cameras in the car park, there will be panic buttons in the tanning rooms and there's also two buttons you hold down near the counter which instantly calls the police.

"I've thought of every worst-case scenario, because I'd want to feel safe too."

She said the salon has attracted a lot of interest from potential clients on social media.

"It's been amazing, I'm just flabbergasted," she said.

"Everyone is excited and it's making me really excited.

"I'm every emotion under the sun, but I think once open day comes I'll relax a little bit more."

Tan Envy 24/7's grand opening is on Thursday, April 11 at Shop 3, 21 Electra St.

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