DEFENCE SKILLS: Attila and Philip Kovacs, with Sgt John Kendall, ready to help the community feel safe.
DEFENCE SKILLS: Attila and Philip Kovacs, with Sgt John Kendall, ready to help the community feel safe. Mikayla Haupt

Get ready to learn self-defence

BOXING: Two respected faces of the boxing industry, Attila and Philip Kovacs, are teaming up with Bundaberg police to provide a self-defence course designed to keep the community safe.

The father and son duo have been in the ring for more than a decade and decided to help give back to the community by running a safety course for all ages, gender and fitness levels.

Philip said the course was for everyone, because everyone needed it.

"A lot of people say 'I'm too small' or 'I'm too old' but you never know what might happen,” he said.

"People should know what to do if they are being targeted.”

He said with a few people already interested in the program, they've shared their experience with those needing basic training.

"One lady had a bit of a tumble with a fella and she had a friend with her and she wasn't any help - she just screamed,” he said.

"He ran and attacked her and lucky cars came because they had to turn around.

"She had a safety pin or something and stabbed him in the gut to get away.”

Attila said it was the simple things like knowing where your exits were and reading body language.

"We cover prevention, so always being aware, and then how to avoid it by standing up for yourself and being assertive, without being or feeling rude,” Philip said.

"After avoiding, there's deterring - which is getting people to know what kind of target they display themselves as.

"Which can be displayed through clothing, how fit you are and posture.”

The Kovacs said most of the course was dealing with getting out of a situation.

"We work a lot with footwork, as that's the fastest way to get out,” Philip said.

"The last one is the physical response, we work with a lot of boxing.

"There's not a lot of physical technique, it's straight to it - if someone comes at you, you can keep them at a distance.

"It's more instinct because, when confronted, a lot of people can't think, so we are training habits.”

Philip said the skills learnt in the course weren't just for the public realm, but also within the home.

Bundaberg police Sergeant John Kendall said it was incredibly important that the community had a sense of situational awareness.

"In most cases you can look at someone's face and identify within seconds what their intention is,” he said.

"If we've got kids going to the nightclubs, they should have the right to go out, have a good time but be aware at all times.

"Don't put yourself in a position where you'll be in danger.”

Sgt Kendall said the One Punch Can Kill awareness will also be highlighted throughout the course.

"You're more of a man, more of a woman for walking away from a fight,” he said.

"You're a winner by getting away safely and getting to see your family the next day.”

The course is in its third week, with classes held on Monday and Wednesday, with your choice of a 4.30-5.30pm or 6.30-7.30pm time slot.

For more information or to join the last week of the course, phone 4154 2813.

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