SHUTTING DOWN: After three decades the Gayndah YMCA is being forced to close.
SHUTTING DOWN: After three decades the Gayndah YMCA is being forced to close. Adam McCleery

Gayndah YMCA will be no more

GAYNDAH YMCA President Dael Giddins has been an integral part of the YMCA pouring her heart and soul into the organisation for 33 years.

However after months of negotiations the Gayndah YMCA has been given 30 days before closing its doors forever.

Peter Malone from the National YMCA said the Gayndah YMCA will close on November 13.

"It was a bit of a shock that they would be revoking our license in 30 days, I don't think the community will realise the impact on them if the doors shut," Mrs Giddins said.

"Council and the mayor were at the last meeting and said they would work with community groups who use the building to help rehouse them."


The National YMCA are open to discussions about selling the building.

"They are quite keen to work with any parties that are interested in buying," Mrs Giddins said.

"It would have to be a community based group or project though."

A final meeting for groups tied to the YMCA is scheduled for Monday, October 17 from 4.30pm at the YMCA.


"Unfortunately it can't be a YMCA any more, for people who have supported us and keep supporting us this will be a hard one," Mrs Giddins said.

Vinnie Schmierer has volunteered with the YMCA for 10 years and was Volunteer of the Year at this years Australia Day Awards.

"It's like a domino effect, first the ANZ has closed and now the Gayndah YMCA, after seeing it there for 30 years it's going to be sad to see the doors close," Mr Schmierer.

"In the fruit season it's well patronised but those people won't have that now, it's a shame to see it go."

After experiencing a decline in usage the YMCA was struggling to get enough income to cover the costs of keeping the building operational.

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