Acting Senior Sergeant Marty Arnold encourages hosts to register their party with Party Safe.
Acting Senior Sergeant Marty Arnold encourages hosts to register their party with Party Safe. Max Fleet

Gatecrashing rise a risk to public

POLICE are putting pressure on parents to become responsible for their children, after an alcohol-fuelled weekend caused mayhem and danger for Bundaberg officers.

A Boreham Street youngster’s birthday party turned wild on Saturday night, but the real trouble started when the property owners tried to shut it down because of gatecrashers.

Criminal Investigation Branch Traffic Sergeant Marty Arnold said the situation escalated to a point where glass bottles were thrown at police, one officer was bitten and others received cuts and bruises while they tried to break up large fights.

Revellers were also injured, with a young man taken to hospital as a precaution.

Sgt Arnold said nine charges were laid, but the incident could have been avoided.

He said with the summer party season around the corner, police hoped community awareness would stop party gatecrashing from rising.

“This sort of thing happens regularly on the Gold Coast and we are trying to nip it in the bud before it happens here,” he said.

He said parents needed to take responsibility for their children.

“Don’t take their word for it that they are having a two-person slumber party,” he said.

“Drop them off, pick them up and make sure you know the people who are having the party.”

Slocomb Street residents said their neighbourhood endured regular parties, including one on Saturday night that police attended.

“The street was terrorised,” homeowner Maree Read said. “We had police here everywhere trying to control it.”

She said the party hosts would leave neighbours to clean up the revellers’ mess.

“People in the street are moving out of their houses because they can’t take it anymore,” she said.

Sgt Arnold urged people to register their parties with Party Safe at the station. The kit has information and wrist bands to help people host a safe party.

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Officials announced the decision early Friday.

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