Man fined for drink driving after grandma's funeral

ROBERT Thomas Pritchard didn't impress police when he was pulled over drinking a can of XXXX Gold.

The 35-year-old was stopped by police on July 31 and had a blood alcohol reading of 0.196%.

He plead guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Wednesday to four charges including possessing a dangerous drug and utensil, drink driving, driving without due care and attention, and drinking liquor whilst driving.

Police stopped Pritchard when he was seen driving through a roundabout at a fast pace and then began tailgating another vehicle.

The court heard at 1.15pm police pulled Pritchard over and told him they would search him.

The court heard he had coins in his pocket and turned to put them in his car before the search, however, police spotted a green leafy bag he was trying to put in the car.

Police said they also smelt cannabis in the vehicle.

The court heard Pritchard had been drinking with family after the funeral of his grandmother that day, which had been an emotional time for the father-of-three.

His defence lawyer stated that Pritchard had lived in Rockhampton for 20 years and his grandmother had been his only family in the area.

It was heard an argument with his family led Pritchard to leaving and getting in his vehicle.

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll sentenced Pritchard to two years' probation with a suspended sentence extended to 12 months.

He was also disqualified from driving for 18 months and was fined $353.

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