FILLING UP: A pilot refuels at the Gayndah airfield.
FILLING UP: A pilot refuels at the Gayndah airfield. Adam McCleery

Fuel attracting recreational flyers to Gayndah

AFTER reopening earlier this year with a refuelling station, the Gayndah Aerodrome has had a steady flow of planes land in the area.

North Burnett Regional Council chief executive officer Mark Pitt said the council had hoped for this positive impact.

"We do believe there has been an increase in traffic, particularly recreational planes," Mr Pitt said.

"We have always had a solid volume of medical and freight into the field, but certainly we've noticed that the recreational flyer numbers have picked up.

"This can partly be attributed to the improvement of the strip and having fuel on site."

The fuel was a key component to the upgrades and is accessible to multiple types of aircraft.

"We have A1 jet fuel and Avgas - we are selling more Avgas than the A1," Mr Pitt said.

"The LifeFlight helicopter, for example, uses A1 jet fuel but a lot of the recreational flyers use Avgas.

"We are turning over quite a bit of that, which is an indication of a lot more recreational planes coming in."

An added advantage to the rise in recreation fly-ins is the chance to showcase Gayndah and the North Burnett.

"The Golden Orange has a sign at the airfield and they've offered to pick up recreational flyers and bring them into town on a courtesy bus. I believe we will also have a fly-in for next year's Orange Festival," Mr Pitt said.

"We have been getting some really good feedback on how we can further improve the trip and that's something we are looking into."

Golden Orange owner Ken Mogg said the steady flow of fly-ins into the area was great for local business.

"I think the fly-in tourism opportunities are ideal - they're like caravan or motorbike clubs. I didn't realise how many people own planes, so the opportunity for fly-in tourism is enormous," Mr Mogg said.

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