Frozen kittens image sparks outrage

FACEBOOK users were left horrified when a photo post selling 11 frozen kittens for $5 each was uploaded to classifieds sites at the weekend.

The post appeared on No Rules Bundaberg Classifieds, Bundaberg Classifieds No Rules and on Hervey Bay/Maryborough Sell, Swap, Buy.

Chelsea Parkin was one of many Facebook users to come across the post and was disgusted at the sight.

"I was sick to my stomach when I saw it," Ms Parkin said.

"It left me feeling very angry and upset," she said.

"I'm an animal lover and I am horrified to think anyone could do that or post something like that on Facebook."

In one of the posts it was claimed that the kittens had "died from Westinghouse disease" and were being sold frozen as snake food.

The NewsMail has chosen not to publish the photograph, due to its graphic nature.

Ms Parkin said she contacted the Bundaberg RSPCA as soon as she saw the image.

"They told me they had already had a number of complaints and directed me to the complaints department," she said.

"I am still upset over it. That behaviour is just not on and the people who uploaded the photo should not be allowed on Facebook anymore and should be made an example of."

The NewsMail contacted the two Facebook users who posted the image, with both saying they were trolling and looking for a reaction.

"I don't believe that picture is even a cat/kitten, my mate and myself just wanted to troll. It did get carried away, although it served a purpose on how fast humans jump to conclusions and are two-sided about living animals," Jay Ogston said.

"Need it be a rat or a cat, they are both living creatures at the end of the day, it's the circle of life coming into play. A snake is above both animals on the food chain. But yes it was just a simple joke, no animals have been harmed," he said.

The Facebook posts have been taken down by administrators on each site.

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