'F' word explodes into Bundaberg Hospital debate

THE 'F' word has exploded into the Bundaberg Hospital debate, forcing Queensland Health Director-General Mick Reid to say sorry to the whistleblower nurse.

He admitted to using the profanity “in conversation” during a teary meeting with the woman who has raised more than 100 serious allegations relating to Bundaberg Hospital.

It came as the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) said it would not investigate.

DENYING that the meeting on Wednesday - which involved the whistleblower, her partner and Member for Burnett Rob Messenger - had been volatile, Mr Reid said yesterday: “If I did offend her (the nurse), I apologise.”

The emergency department nurse is on stress leave.

She had been crying before Mr Reid's profanity, Mr Messenger said.

The Director-General had flown to Bundaberg to get to grips with the claims launched into the media this week, immediately unleashing a frenzy of finger-pointing among politicians, unions and officials.

Yesterday, Health Minister Stephen Robertson said the Health Quality and Complaints Commission (HQCC) would review up to 3000 incident reports going back three years, including any serious allegations raised by the nurse. Two interstate medical experts would undertake the task and report to the HQCC.

The CMC said it would review the outcome.

The minister admitted to “cracks” in the PRIME incident reporting system, brought in after the 2005 health crisis.

Mr Messenger said of the CMC's decision: “I'm very disappointed. I think it's clearly a case of Queensland Health investigating itself.”

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