NEW OWNERS: Rhonda Kinsela and Scott Guymer have taken over Rosieblu.
NEW OWNERS: Rhonda Kinsela and Scott Guymer have taken over Rosieblu. Mike Knott BUN060916ROSIEBLU1

Fresh start for Rosieblu's new owners

RHONDA Kinsela and Scott Guymer said Roseiblu's quirkiness is what attracted them to make a massive career move.

The duo, who has worked together for 18 months in the hospitality industry, said when the opportunity arose to become their own bosses at the iconic CBD cafe, they jumped at the chance.

"We decided that instead of working for other people, we would give working together a go,” Rhonda said.

"I think Rosieblu is known as its own little paradise,” Scott said.

The duo said they had introduced some additions to the cafe while some things would stay the same.

"We will keep the cabinets mostly the same. I think what people find unique about Rosieblu is that you come in and can see food on display,” Rhonda said.

"My background is Pacific Islander so I will be introducing some interesting dishes from the islands as well.”

"Plus we now also offer a catering service,” Scott said.

The team made the hard decision not to take on the eight staff that had been employed by previous owner Lynley Mexted for family and business reasons.

"The business we are running is a family business,” Rhonda said.

"Both of our families are involved.”

Rhonda and Scott said they were humbled to be taking over a business that had such a strong connection to the Bundaberg community.

"Lynley was here for eight years and she has an amazing reputation,” Rhonda said.

"We knew coming in after her that we had to maintain her standard and that was really important to us.”

"We want to thank her for letting us take over.”