Four years off the road for drink driver caught twice

TWO drink driving offences in less than 24 hours have cost a Bundaberg woman $2000 and her drivers licence for four years.

For someone with no previous history, the seriousness of the indiscretions on July 15 and 16 by 49-year-old Karen Lea Dowling left Magistrate Neil Lavaring with no option but to impose the hefty sentence.

Dowling came to the attention of police about 11.30pm on July 15 after she was involved in a crash on McCarthy Rd and attempted to leave the scene.

Police were called and as they approached they noticed Dowling's car travelling slowly down the road away from the crash with it's high-beam lights on.

The car, which had it's front bumper missing, parked outside a home before Dowling attempted to restart it.

Police approached the car and breathalysed Dowling who returned a reading of 0.203% - more than four times the legal limit.

Taken to the police station, Dowling's divers licence was immediately suspended before she was released from custody the following day.

But just hours later she was back behind the wheel, reversing her car form where it had been left in front of her neighbours house and parking it in her garage.

Police witnessed the offence and breathalysed Dowling again.

Her blood alcohol level had not yet returned below the legal limit and she blew 0.113%.

Pleading guilty in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday to two counts of drink driving and one count of driving unlicensed, Dowling said she didn't realise how severe the consequences would be for putting her car into the garage.

"I'm disgusted in myself,” she said.

"I'm glad I didn't hurt anybody else or myself.”

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