Jan Bartlett on Found Hearts Rescue's sanctuary where animals and people can find their solitude.
Jan Bartlett on Found Hearts Rescue's sanctuary where animals and people can find their solitude.

Found Hearts needs help to rescue animals big and small

THE people behind Found Hearts Rescue extend their hand out to all animals in need but now they are also offering help to people.

Found Hearts director and sanctuary owner Jan Bartlett said the not-for-profit was kindly donated a caravan and they intended to turn it into emergency accommodation for locals.

“It’s for people if their house burnt down and they don’t have insurance or people with acute medical conditions needing to have treatment at a close hospital, just for the odd emergency that pops up,” Ms Bartlett said.

“The idea came after we had a young couple with two boys and they told us they had no where to go and we said well come and camp here.”

The sanctuary allows camping and Ms Bartlett said they were thankful people would lend a hand when they stayed.

“We are all donations and volunteers, that’s what runs us, blood sweat and tears,” she said.

The range of jobs they need volunteers to help with varies from driving between Brisbane and Childers to bring up medical gear, moving a children's playground on their property to install a water tank and assisting in building a fence and shelters.

Ms Bartlett said a lot of the big plans like fencing and shelter relied on donated material.

“We would like to build five shelters especially for the older horses.”

“We have tin but need wood and concrete and some happy helpers to get them up, it takes more than two sets of hands.

“Also instead of an old horse and two ponies over the age of 30 being in a large paddock we would like to halve it with a fence so we could have them in one side for three months and then swap so the food source has time to rejuvenate.”

Ms Bartlett had a lot of animal related endeavours as the local first responder for hurt wildlife and running the lost pet register in every state aside from Queensland.

Not only had it allowed her to help a lot of animals nationally but Ms Bartlett said it allowed her to increase the number of people the charity reaches.

“We rely on donations, bequests, the kindness of the locals and local businesses and our sponsors of animals.”

“The more support we get, the more animals we can help and the more people we can help.

“People think anyone giving away an animal is some horrible person but a lot of the time there is a tragic story behind it, but people don’t stop to find out.”

To volunteer or donate visit Found Hearts’ Facebook page.

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